Friendraise for Our Candidates

Fundraising Made Easy: Just Email Your Friends

Sample Email

Dear [Friend],

As you may know, I’ve been volunteering for many years with the Sister District Project to help grow progressive power in state legislatures. While most media attention is focused on 2024 and what’s happening nationally, there are high-stakes races this November in Virginia. It is currently only the Democratic-held State Senate that has prevented Virginia from joining the rest of the South in restricting abortion, relaxing gun laws, and making it hard to vote..

My Sister District chapter is focusing on two VA State Senate candidates: Schuyler VanValkenburg a high school history and civics teacher from Richmond, currently serving in the State House, and Russet Perry from Loudon County. She is someone who has dedicated her life to public service, and who has won awards for her work as a prosecutor fighting for the rights of victims and as a CIA officer protecting national interests. Both Schuyler and Russet are in very close races, and up against Republicans with deep pockets. 

I’m writing hoping you can chip in [$25-50] to support their campaigns. Donations are used for basic necessities such as paying for lawn signs and printing campaign flyers. Even a small amount can make a big difference and 100% of your donation will go to the candidates’ campaigns.I am personally trying to raise [$500] by [September 15] Can you help me get there? Click [your personal donation link] to help out

With gratitude,

Thank you,

[Your name]

Tips and Hints

Specify the fundraising goal.

This number ($500 in sample email) can be whatever you want, but larger numbers inspire larger donations. Propose something substantial but reachable. Use the same number for all emails you send.

Specify the goal for each friend.

This number ($25-50 in sample email) can be whatever you want, but, larger asks tend to inspire larger donations. Propose something realistic; the number can be different for different recipients.

Specify a fundraising deadline.

You choose! Maybe a month from now? It helps people focus.  

Extra: If you’d like to get into detail about the candidates, know your audience. For friends who are traditionalists, or with whom you’re not close, you might focus on the candidate's values. For more personal friends, you might focus on your beliefs and values (e.g., “I’m concerned about protecting abortion, gun safety legislation and quality, affordable education, and I know these are issues Schuyler cares deeply about”).