Impact 2021

A huge THANK YOU. We are so grateful for every dollar you donated, every phone call you dialed, every postcard you penned, every text you sent, and all the additional time you spent working with this team.

Update On the Candidates We Supported

Great news: Elizabeth Guzman won reelection! Sister District made 77% of Elizabeth’s total phonebank calls, and gave 10.5% of her early small dollar donations. She's the first Latina and first woman to be re-elected in HD-31, and the first Latina reelected twice to the House of Delegates. She's a powerhouse legislator (paid sick leave! worker protections! voting rights!) who will continue to Get Things Done for Virginia.

Alas, Chris Hurst has lost his race for VA HD-12 and Roslyn Tyler has lost her race for VA HD-75. We knew these were going to to be tough races, fought as they were in deeply red areas.

Despite the ups and downs, we stay in the fight because we are committed to making positive change and we know that our democracy will only remain intact and vibrant if we put in the work to maintain it. YOU are doing this work. You make this community great - thank you so much for everything you've done.

Now, TAKE A NAP, and we'll be in touch in the weeks to come!

With gratitude,

Michelle, Barbara, Caroline, Jocelyn & Juliet

The Sister District MA-RI Team